Order Management

Order Creation

PPW allows for many ways to create orders. Whether it is via import, Excel, CSV or tab-delimited, you are able to bulk or manually create orders with preset order instructions. Create orders through API. You can also create recurring orders so that you may stay in compliance with inspection requirements.

Timely Mobile Results & Check-in

In-field results via the PPW mobile app helps you to see the work in near real time before the vendor leaves the property. Mobile check-in allows for complete transparency regarding who is entering your properties.

Auto Assign Orders To Vendors

Take the guesswork out of who should get the assignment by utilizing our auto assign feature. You set the state, county, and zip code and the system does the rest.

Vendor Management

Resource Tracking

Be able to see available resources when you need them. Track vendor recruiting and on-boarding ensuring you have what you need when you need it.

Insurance & Licensure Compliance

Ensure your vendors remain in compliance through monitoring, email alerts and reporting.

Coverage Area Management

  • Establish vendor coverage areas.
  • Manage by services needed in order to take advantage of the auto assign tools within the system. Visually see your coverage gaps and then modify recruiting efforts to address needs.
  • Allows you to take the guesswork out of who should get the assignment. You set the state, county, and zip code and the system does the rest.

AR/AP Tracking

Bulk Remittance Import
You are able to reconcile your receivables ensuring you are getting paid and paid fully for the work you completed.

Destination Tracking

Allows multiple points
Optimize routes to complete assignments efficiently. Route up to 100 stops at a time to maximize your workload.

Quality Control

Use the PPW quality control tools to set your own criteria for order compliance review and let the process increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Service History Tracking

With PPW you are able to view and track each and every visit you have made to the property. You can also be alerted when form responses change from one visit to another.

Auto Submission

Maximize efficiency and reduce labor cost by utilizing the PPW auto submission feature. Deliver your results immediately to your clients when all QC criteria has been met.

Dynamic Forms

Use PPW to create and control your own dynamic forms. Require and receive the information you want and need, not just what the vendor wants to give you. You can create forms that allow you to track and report information of a proprietary nature. Use the PPW mobile app to fill out forms electronically in the field.

Accounting Integration

Whether you are using the desktop or online versions, seamlessly connect with your account to eliminate double entry and speed up your bookkeeping efforts.

Photo Management

Use the PPW mobile app to take photos and sync near real-time. Manage and track all of the photos in the system:

  • Map the plot location of all photos
  • Manage duplicates
  • View by line items
  • Upload via the web or mobile
  • Download with date and time stamp

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