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Property Preservation, Inspection, and REO Data Management

Property Pres Wizard is a web-based work order management system. You no longer have to be tethered to one computer or device, simply log into our website and you can update your information. We help manage your company’s work orders from the time you receive the work until you are paid. PPW helps you manage workflow, timeliness, communications, bids, property history, photos, invoices and much more.

Easy to use web interface. No extra software required

Property Pres Wizard is web-based. This means no extra software is required. Any computer with access to the internet may use the software. Setting up new users and computers takes just seconds. Enter our website address into your favorite web browser and bookmark the page.

Manage your work queues from one screen

The "Home" screen in Property Pres Wizard allows you to view and manage your open queue of work. You can filter by a dozen or more fields to find the work orders you need. You or your staff may also modify multiple work orders at once. You have the ability to assign work, change due dates, set work order types or print PDF forms for multiple work orders in seconds. The "Home" screen also adapts itself depending on the user and their access permissions and account settings.

View and modify all the work order information right at your finger tips

Track detailed list items to be completed at the property, enter notes for the work order, complete PCR forms, complete bid information, upload photos and documents, and create the invoice. Property Pres Wizard can accomplish all of these tasks. Accessing the pages is quick and easy. Work orders are easy to locate and easy to update. Permissions can be modified by group to decide who has access to data they need and don't need to see.

Uploading photos is quick and easy

Upload multiple files at once allowing for quick and easy transmission of photos to the office. We use the latest web technologies to resize photos before they are uploaded to the servers. This means faster uploads, especially on slower internet connections. You can also set the photo size to meet Client specifications. No more emailing large files or multiple emails on large work orders.

You can categorize photos for work order specific items. Flag before, during and after photos for work completed, and flag photos for specific bid items. Property Pres Wizard also allows you to overlay the descriptions onto the photos themselves before sending them to the Client. We will compare new photos uploaded to your account with older photos and alert you of any duplicates.

Create custom PCR Forms

Use our built-in PCR Form builder to create forms with your own questions and rules. Forms may be filled in online or save them as PDF or JPG files for emailing, printing or sending back to the client. Or, we can give you the forms from our library.

Attach documents to work orders

Attach Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PDF files or scanned documents to a work order for future reference. Easily retrieve files by searching for work orders on any number of fields.

Import work orders from multiple clients

We have import processes for over two dozen Client companies and the list is growing.

Send work orders to field crew

Send alerts to field crews when new work is assigned or canceled. Field crews can also receive alerts when work orders require a follow-up because of missing information or photos.

Route your day

You can select the work orders you will be completing for the day and route them with a click of the mouse.


We think you should be able to budget your business. That's why the Property Pres Wizard has a flat fee pricing model. We charge per user that you enter into the system. This can be an account for your office or administrative staff or an account for the employees or vendors in the field.

We do not assess additional charges for photo storage, importing work orders, sending work orders to the field, uploading photos; you get the idea. We only charge for accounts that are in use or if you utilize our "Client Push Back" feature. Assigning work orders to an account or modifying existing work orders with an account is considered an "active" account. If you have seasonal employees or contractors that only do work during certain times of the year you aren't charged for them when they are not receiving work orders.

If you prefer to utilize our "Client Push Back" feature to send completed work orders back to your client, there will be a charge of 25 cents per work order. If you complete a work order without using the "Client Push Back" feature, there is no charge.

Ask about our 30 day risk free trial.

5 User Licenses
$149 / Month
Additional Licenses
$25 / Month
Automated Pushback to the Client
$0.25 / Work Order
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